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"... All Gazira Babeli's works start off as performances, "acts". And all of them have the potential to be something else as well.
This even applies to Gaz of the Desert, in so far as it is a "scripted narrative". Gazira herself put it very well in an interview: "Codes are just instructions, imperative verbs... The result could be spectacular and/or create social troubles. I found it easier to call these instructions 'performances' or 'actions'. It makes sense in SL frame-space 'cause the results look more like a sensible real space than a computer output." Almost all of her works, before being exhibited and classified as works, "took place" in non-dedicated settings, where they could really hit hard."
Domenico Quaranta, "Gazira Babeli", fpeditions 2008
Personal exhibition and audience performance
Aksioma / Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana SI, November 3, 2009
Personal exhibition
Gallery [DAM] Berlin, May 30, 2009
Terraforming Performance. Odyssey - Second Life, May 2009
[thanks to Helfe Ihnen for the video]
Object-oriented performance, October 2007
During THE GATE performed by Second Front,
Odyssey SL / iMAL Brussels
Avatar identity shape, March 2007
Movie/performance, from February 2007
Scripted performance, February 2007
Performance, February 2007
Performance, Latexia Fetish VooDoo, January 15, 2007
Scripted particles, October/November 2006
The artist painted in the space at 900 km/h, July 2006
Physical scripted tornado, June 2006
Physical scripted earthquake, May 2006
Scripted cans, May 2006
Unauthorized installation, Ars Virtua, April 6, 2006
Panhandling/performance, April 1, 2006